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Sumba Ikat Triangle Tote in Blue and Pink

$ 445.00

Limited Edition Tote - Only 2 out of 2 in This Color/Style

Available for pre-order, ships June 1st.

Natural Dyes made from Wora Leaves and Kayu Merah

PATTERN: Reba (traditional pan hanging from pandan leaves)

Sumbanese ikat textiles are a unique and beautiful art form that has been practiced on the island of Sumba in Indonesia for centuries. Ikat is a method of dyeing cloth in which the threads are tied and dyed before they are woven. This creates intricate and often abstract patterns that are unique to each piece of cloth.

Sumbanese ikat textiles are traditionally used for ceremonial purposes, such as weddings and funerals. They are also worn as everyday clothing, and are often used as gifts or to decorate homes.

The art of Sumbanese ikat textile weaving is passed down from generation to generation. The weavers use a variety of natural materials, including cotton, silk, and wool. The dyes are also natural, and are made from plants and minerals.

The process of making Sumbanese ikat textiles is long and labor-intensive. It can take months or even years to complete a single piece of cloth. The weavers must carefully tie and dye the threads, and then weave them together on a loom.

Sumbanese ikat textiles are a valuable part of the island's cultural heritage. They are a beautiful and unique art form that is a testament to the skill and artistry of the Sumbanese people.

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