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Sirissima is a Miami-based lifestyle company created around on the many interests of its founder, Siri Willoch Traasdahl. Siri started her career as an Art Director at Ogilvy in New York, then followed by a degree in fashion design from Istituto Marangoni in Milan. Siri worked and studied for many years in Milan and Paris for brands belonging to LVMH and Kering. In 2005, the entrepreneur left Bottega Veneta to start her own Ready-to-Wear line called Cherry Blossom Scandinavia. Her creations were sold in high end multi-brand boutiques around the world alongside Alaia, Pucci, Fendi and others.

Never one to sit idle, Siri taught herself jewelry making when pregnant with her first child and started the line Sirissima. The name is inspired by Italian as they tend to add ‘issima’ to anything they want to exaggerate or accentuate. All business pursuits were held on ‘pause’ in 2017. Along with her family consisting of a husband, a 4-year old girl and an 8-year old boy, Siri left Miami with the world as destination. For 14 months, they trotted the globe experiencing the vagabond life.

It was in 2018, in Japan Siri rekindled her love for knitting. Having knitted her first “lusekofte” a Norwegian patterned sweater at 10 years old, she put her needles on the shelf for the coming decades. Then stumbled upon a beautiful gem of a yarn shop in the Aoyama neighborhood in Tokyo called Walnut. Not able to resist, 2 skeins of yarn for hats for her kids has become mountains of sweaters, scarves, hats, socks and more. Thanks to the abundance of tutorials on YouTube, Siri always evolves her knitting.

In addition to textile crafts, Siri loves to design everything. No challenge is too big. Homes, gardens, furniture, florals… You name it. Siri loves it.

Her love for cooking is a thing she picked up later in life. The story goes she desperately tried to find a recipe for boiled potatoes in the cookbook her mother had given her as a move-in present when Siri left home. There was no recipe for boiled potatoes, but she has come a long way since then. She has interned under Sergio Sigala and Angelo Masarin at Cecconi’s in Miami Beach and cooked for chef Morimoto during one of his visits to Miami.