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Maurizio Mykonos begun in mid 90’s with a small leather Collection that sparked enthusiasm for its edgy and racy style with raw cuts and embroideries. More than a decade later the line is still handmade in our own atelier while enriched with the finest brocade, silk and leather fabrics,all adorned with Swarovski elements and exotic skins.

Maurizio Mykonos is available in its flagship shop in Mykonos, its boutique in Athens, in selected multi brand shops in most resort locations and the most fashionable specialty retailers across the world over 30 countries.


In our continuous effort to learn and to provide a top quality product we research and gather materials and techniques from all around the world.

Research is done by in house and outscourced experts in exhibitions like Premiere Vision, Le Bourget in Paris and Lineapelle Milano plus worldwide local artisanal recourses.

Production chain was always kept in Maurizio Mykonos premises in order to ensure top quality products while minimizing defect costs and keeping the products character at high standards. We use silk for lining to provide excellent feeling when wearing our clothes and for dyed only with organic paint using various techniques to achieve different effects.

All handpainted articles are handmade in our own factory by craftsmen are dedicated in delivering to you a piece of art uniquely made for each of our customers.

Maurizio Mykonos currently employees over 40 people domestically, design, production and quality control are done in it’s own establishment.