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ASTIER DE VILLATTE Villa Medicis Statues Notebook

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Villa Medicis Statues Notebook

Along the length of the artists’ workshops, with their large windows opening over the rooftops of Rome, run the majestic gardens of the Villa. A center for encounters and for meditation, the residents delight in the subtle fragrances of lemon tree leaves, lavender and oregano flowers. One member of the Astier de Villatte creative team was born in the Villa, the other spent his childhood in Rome. These notebooks are modeled on the majestic gardens of the Villa. 

Astier de Villatte’s papers are traditionally printed following methods that have now almost been forgotten. The colors are mixed in ink reservoirs and on rollers so that each cover is unique. All the books are typeset by hand.

  • 6 x 8 x 0.5 in
  • Handprinted in Paris
  • Each cover is totally unique in color scheme

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